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Influenced by my teachers, peers and environment, I aim to bring a unique sense of empowerment and inspiration to each class. Through meditation, pranayama, asana and intention, my goal is for each student to leave feeling relaxed and renewed. I teach in a manner that inspires students to reach outside their comfort zones in hopes of discovering a new level of their practice and a truer version of self. Classes are designed with an emphasis on accessibility and creative movement, delivered with necessary demonstrations, modifications and hands on assists. I strive to create an inspiring and motivating environment for each and every student whether in a private lesson or larger group setting.

I'm Desiree and I've been practicing yoga since 2009. I originally came to the practice to combat stress but stayed for all the other good stuff like increased flexibility, energy, better focus,  spiritual growth and a deeper understanding of my true self.
The more I explored the practice, the more I realized how much of my past I was holding onto and how much it was holding me back. Yoga helped me conquer my demons and break through my physical, mental and emotional barriers. It's truly been a life changing journey. Because of this, yoga has become my passion,
one I feel obligated and honored to share with the world.
In 2015 I earned my 200RYT certification through Transcending Yoga in Swansboro, NC. Shortly after I began teaching service members and their families, volunteering in local communities and teaching private lessons. Since then I've moved to Okinawa and have continued my yoga education and teachings.
When I'm not on my mat, you can find me adventuring with my husband and two boxers. I enjoy spending time outside, cooking, traveling, gardening, curling up with a good book and just enjoying life.