It was so awesome having Desiree as my yoga teacher. Even if it was for a short time, for sure she was best! I enjoyed practicing with her and the aromatherapy was a plus! 

Loreley PreGar

Brooke Leonard

As someone who was new to yoga, I am so grateful Desiree was my first instructor. Walking into her classes, I always felt welcomed by her positive energy. She not only taught me so much about the practice of yoga, but also taught me how to challenge and trust myself through the poses. I also recommend working with her one-on-one in addition to her classes, especially if you have a personal goal you’d like to work on – she is so patient and supportive! 

Valerie Viana

By far the best yoga instructor I've crossed paths with! Not only is she adorably beautiful, but she is incredibly kind and knowledgeable. She is extremely in tune with her students both in group settings and one on one. I love that she pushes me to reach my personal goals, while understanding that some days I may be a little "off". I've felt nothing but love and compassion from Desiree.